Artmarq FAQs

Find out all the essesntial answers here or contact help[at]artmarq[dot]com

Q. I am a seasoned art professional and quite familiar with art business, do I need Artmarq App on my iPhone?

A. We created Artmarq App with people like you in mind to deliver the data-driven decision making in a very user friendly way through an app which is consistent in its design across platforms and devices.
Artmarq App is must have on your iPhone because its so easy and intuitive that you would love the data and analytics again.

Q. How Artmarq is different from other art market database sites like Artnet or Artprice?

A. First of all, Artmarq App is Free (while in Beta) and it is mobile first technology startup focused on Art Business. You get deal information on the go and when it comes to price for the information they provide on desktop vs. price for Artmarq information on your iPhones, you know the difference.

Q. Why is Artmarq Free while in beta? Are there any plans to charge users later when Artmarq App goes mainstream?

A. Since the development of the entire project funded by Akshay Jirage himself and it is too early to make any comment on final business model, the beta version will be offered for free to registered users and no credit card information is needed.
However we can not guarantee that the business model remains the same given various deals we are working on in the meantime to deliver the best possible data-driven content.

Q. What happens to the Artmarq App that I have downloaded on my iPhone device when Artmarq is decided on pricing?

A. The basic version (including current version) of the Artmarq App will continue to work on your iPhone with limited features and for more advanced feature users will have to update.
New pricing, if any will be released through a new version or update of the Artmarq App on Apple App Store. In near future, we will try to make the process of moving to paid tier as simple as clicking a button.

Q. It’s Art business, Art Market Data & Analytics (which means gibberish for me) and I am an Artist or Student or a professional less interested in market aspect of art, is Artmarq app relevant to me?

A. Yes, even if you are less interested in only market aspect of it, Artmarq provides you with necessary information on other deals through 'Stream' like current and upcoming events, commissions, open calls for a prize or updates on special programmes with certain value attached to it through features like Push notifications and Email digests.
If your interests in art market are purely academic then also we have huge amount of art market data available and for further inquiries about data and analytics you can write to

Q. I am new to concept of collecting art, what’s there for me in Artmarq App?

A. Artmarq tracks public sale records dating back to 2001 (Beta app consists of extensive data about Indian and South Asian Art) which can help you understand the market size, scope and prospects in which you might like to invest.
Our ‘Stream Tab’ is your one stop destination to know everything happening daily in art business including news and analysis from Artmarq and associated experts across the globe.

Q. How search feature works in Artmarq App?

A. In the current version of the app you can search by name of the Artist or artwork and you get results for that particular artist dating back to 2008 across all available data sources like Christie’s, Sotheby's and SaffronArt.(Updated information is being added as and when it is available)

Q. How is the data in Search Tab filtered and displayed?

A. It is sorted in descending order based on Price realise in USD i.e. From higest price for the artwork to the lowest price for a sale record.
'*' means the price displayed is inclusive of buyers premium and calculated using standard currency conversion rate.

Q. What if I have a technical question which is not answered in FAQs?

A. You can write to and your query will be answered on the earliest.

Q. Can I request new features?

A. Yes, the whole purpose of Artmarq is to bring relevance and power of data-driven decision making to art business hence if you think we can do even better please let us know on with subject line ‘Feature Request’.

Q. We are a business and willing to collaborate with Artmarq, how to go about it?

A. If you are thinking of joining hands in some way to take Artmarq to next level, we are very interested so just write to us on and we will take it from there.

Q. Sometimes I can not Sign-in/Sign-up from my iPhone or Artmarq App gets slow or malfunctions or shows no data, how to fix this?

A. We are working hard to deliver robust and production scale experience to even our beta users but its a beta product and sometimes things could go wrong therefore app may get slow or may crash. All you have to do is relaunch the app by quitting the app and try again later to reconnect. If the issue continues then you can raise a technical issue or report bug by writing to

Q. Is Android app on your roadmap?

Yes, we are working hard to bring the Artmarq experience to Android users as well and it is expected that Artmarq for Android will be up and running later this year.

Q. Can I use Artmarq on Desktop?

As of today we only have an iPhone application, then iPad is next, but we will be launching comprehensive web app with more features possibly with Android application later this year.