Artmarq is Data-driven approach for the Art Business

Discover, Prospect and Track all the leading entities and deals they make in $57 billion-a-year Art industry worldwide.
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Make deals on the go

Art Business Data and Analytics at your fingertips everywhere

Reliable Intel

We process huge amount of information to bring you accurate and most reliable data that can be act upon

Up To Speed

All the latest deals and greatest insights into art business to help you join the ranks of 'Seasoned Experts'

User Friendly

Unlike competetion, we focus on state-of-the-art 'Usability Design' so you'd love to interact with 'Data' again

Timely Analysis

We promise to do all the heavy lifting for you and only the relevant delivered to you while in 'the moment' and not later


Find everything you need to 'Lead'


A curated stream of processed information about deals and analysis from Artmarq and associated industry experts


Make your life easy with advanced data filtering capabilities, search through a collection of every artwork sold since 2001 via public auctions, privately or online with contextual information

Artmarq is now in public beta

(Beta app will be free as it is currently mapping extensive data from Indian + South Asian region only and we are working hard to add global data in near future.)

Join our beta program to get an exclusive access to future updates. Please fill-up a simple form below and we’ll send you TestFlight invite ASAP.