We bring you every quintessential detail by analysing millions of data points from thousands of public art sale records. We track and often add more dimensions to data which also include art deals online.

Art Business is changing with Data. Be first to embrace it.

What is for you in it?

Art Professionals : Artists, Curators, Art Collectors or Art Fair Executives or Online Startup Leaders, Artmarq brings you to the point data and analytics on every relevant deal happening so that you can make informed decisions.

Students to make a career in Art Business will be getting updates on current and future prospects in art market so that you can know the trends and deals that matter most even before you enter the market.

Art Galleries, Art Consultancy Services, Online Startups operating in Art Business and other commercial entities can use Artmarq’s database in cloud as ‘go-to-place’ for market research, competition analysis to explore the big picture.

Art Museums, Private or Artists' Collections, Universities and Cultural Orgnisations can use Artmarq as an educational resource in thier elaborate education programme as 'Introduction to Art Business'.

In Addition, we are planning to provide you with on-demand custome reports for specific artists, art categories, key market segments, opportunity markets and prospects or many other possible metrices based on Data. For more information write to business[at]artmarq.com

Akshay Jirage

The broad vision behind Artmarq is to track, analyse and broadcast every deal made in the context of Art Business.
It’s obvious that data-driven decision making is the next big thing in $57 Billion-a-year industry. Art business is expanding and so does the volume of transactions. The trend is expected to continue as more avenues of deal-making are being introduced almost everyday both offline and on internet.
More opportunities may also cause more confusion but fear not, Artmarq can help you navigate this complex art market otherwise dubbed as ‘exclusive’, ’opaque’ and ‘intimidating’. So join Artmarq today to make your mark on Art Business.

Akshay Jirage - CEO - www.artmarq.com